Origins & Missions

Who we are and how we came to be

Arising from Australian Builders Declare , the Sustainable Builders Alliance aims to promote low carbon, sustainable and high-performing construction practices.

It was formed through a coming together of experienced, independent sustainable builders looking to accelerate change, through the power of a group rather than individual voices.

Our aim is to drive real change, spread practical knowledge and create a community of informed builders, designers, trades and professionals, to lead the construction industry to a carbon neutral sustainable future.
If you’re ready to be an industry leader and be part of the solution, please sign up to the Sustainable Builders Alliance or become a Sponsor and help change the future of building today.

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Founding Builders:

Simon Clark
Sustainable Homes Melbourne

Current Role: President, Sustainable Builder Yak Podcast Host

Simon has been in the construction industry since the year 2000. He’s a qualified Carpenter, Registered Builder and has the following accreditations; Cert III in Building and Construction Cert IV in Building and Construction Diploma in Green Energy Assessment completed in London, England Certified     Green Builder with the HIA Greensmart program Simon founded STC Builders and Contractors and operated it for 6 years prior to 2012 where he then spent 18 months overseas traveling and studying. Since returning from overseas Simon has dived head first into sustainable living, joining the Yarra Environmental Advisory Committee to provide feedback on environmental initiatives the Council is looking to employ. Simon participates in the Alternate Technology Association events as a sustainable expert, talking with people at council events on how best they can make their homes more sustainable.
Simon is the founding Director of Build Cambodia which is the affiliated charity of Sustainable Homes Melbourne. Simon’s role at Sustainable Homes Melbourne is Head of Operations, HR and Marketing.

Michael Limb
Michael Limb Builders

Current Role: Treasurer and communications

With more than 19 years of experience in the construction industry and a meticulous attention to detail and quality craftsmanship, Michael oversees all aspects of the Design and Construction process from the very beginning right through to Handover. Michael has been described by previous clients as a “deep thinker and gifted problem solver” that is renown for innovative solutions and outcomes for custom features. Michael is passionate about supporting and training the next generation of skilled tradespeople and has a committed focus on ensuring his employees have the necessary resources, training and drive to excel. (Checkout our blog Trade isn’t a Dirty Word). Michael and his management team are determined to promote the perception of the trade industry and regularly host work experience students and carpentry apprentices with a view to creating a future brimming with talented tradespeople.

Jeremy Spencer
Positive Footprints

Current Role: Secretary, Website author, Socials

For almost 20 years Jeremy has been a Registered Builder, Energy Assessor and Director at design & build company Positive Footprints. Positive Footprints have won multiple awards for sustainability and worked to show that energy efficient sustainable design and high-performance net zero home construction is a cost-effective option and can be a mainstream reality. An educator, lecturer, National Sustainability Awards head judge, and former Master Builders Green Living trainer, Jeremy is passionate about spreading knowledge on how to build better, and is a proud founding member of Builders Declare.  Jeremy currently sits on the Design Matters National board, the thermal assessors TASC group, and the NatHERS Stakeholder Consultative Group.

Brian portfolio headshot image

Brian Guinan
Emerald Building Solutions PTY LTD

Current Role: Host of Sustainable Builders Yak, & WA Correspondent

We specialise in delivering high performance sustainable homes ensuring a positive impact for not only our clients and future generations but also our beautiful planet. Ensuring the implementation of Passive House principles in every home we build ensures an ambient and healthy living environment with lower energy consumption. Capitalizing on the lessons learned and efficiencies realised in Europe for the past 30 years we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to live in a beautiful sustainable home with the knowledge that we are collectively contributing to a zero carbon footprint world for future generations.

Hamish White
Sanctum Homes 

Current Role: Builders Declare Webinar Host

Hamish started his education at La Trobe University with a business and marketing degree.  After completing this he quickly realised that being struck in an office was not for him so started his carpentry and building journey at the age of 23.  Witha keen interest in the outdoors and his wife being an ecologist, Hamish's passion for building and the environment led him down the path of sustainable building and, now, high performance homes and Passive House.  Building high performance homes is now Sanctum Homes minimum standard.  
As a founding member of Builders Declare and a proud member of Passive HouseAustralia, Hamish is hoping to encourage other builders and tradespeople tobuild better homes and be more mindful of the environment. 
Role: Webinar Director.

Michael Murphy
Murphy Aligned Building

Current Role: Builders Declare Webinar & socials

At Aligned Building we focus on providing clients with high quality construction and friendly, professional service - specialising in sustainable outcomes and ethos. Weare inner west builders who concentrate on a small number of projects in Melbourne each year, delivered with close consultation, love and thought for our clients - using our local network of Inner West partners, suppliers, consultants and trades. We believe that efficient, well designed and built homes are for the betterment of people and the world as a whole.  Reducing pollution, creating comfort, proving warmth, saving money, reducing environmental impacts and creating spaces where people and families can flourish is what we are passionate about. 

Jesse Glascott
Director of G-Lux Builders Pty Ltd

Current Role: Sustainable Builders Alliance Shop & product creator

With over 20 years of experience in the Building Industry. Jesse has been entrusted by many clients with the construction of their new, extended and renovated homes. Jesse is an active member of the Housing Industry Association. He attends frequent seminars and workshops hosted by HIA which keeps G-Lux Builders up to date with all the latest news, information, products and materials that the industry is currently seeing. “l take great pleasure in building a unique home that I know will be around for generations and enjoyed by the families living in them” Jesse says. Today G-Lux Builders are recognised among one of the few Custom Home Builders that are qualified to build a Passive House in the State. As Melbourne’s Leading Passive House Builder, we see every project as an honour and a privilege.