Useful links for Good Design:

Your Home Manual (See Passive Design section)


Sustainability Victoria Energy Smart Housing Manual (Cool/Temperate Passive Design Focus)


CoolMob (Tropical Climate Passive Design Strategies)

Wind Roses / & Climate data


Window Energy Rating Scheme (WERS) Database


Window instructional video (explaining SHGC, Low E, & window performance)


To find a Thermal Performance Assessor for Thermal Improvement at design stage (& final Compliance)


Information on NatHERS

Useful links for Low Impact Material Choices:

EPD Databases


Embodied Energy Database  (University of Melbourne)

EPIC (University of Melbourne)

Australian Life Cycle Inventory Database

ICM database (UNSW)


Choosing materials with recycled content  (& other environmental indicators)


Climate Active Certified Brands


Finding a Life Cycle Professional for 3rd party quantifying of Embodied Carbon

Useful links for Performance Construction:

FREE ICANZ insulation installation training tools


As Built Verification Checklist to follow during the Construction


To find a Blower Door Tester (&Thermal Imaging)

Choosing Low VOC & EO materials


ABCB Condensation in Buildings Handbook and Video


Tasmanian Condensation in Buildings Designer's Guide (Cool/Temperate Focus.  Wall & Roof section examples)



Useful links for Energy Efficient Appliance Selection:

To Size Airconditioner capacity


To search for Airconditioner efficiency

(Choose Airconditioning)


To lookup system efficiency of Solar Hot Water & Heat Pumps on the STC Calculator

REC Registry:


Information sheet for clients on the benefit of choosing appliances with high stars


To look for efficient appliances (Washers, Driers, Computer Monitors, Dishwashers, Fridges, TVs,  & Pool Pumps)

(Choose Appropriate White Good from the list and use the table to rank by preferences & efficiency)


Appliance running costs calculator to compare costs of different models


Appliance reviews

Current Rebates in your State

Useful links for Low Impact Material Selection:

To work out PV sizes for Net Zero Energy Use the SV Whole of Home Tool and run various scenarios to determine size


To allow roof area for Photovoltaic panels in Design

allow: 5.1-6.8m2 / kW of panel


Find an Approved Solar Retailer


To compare costs of various panel/inverter/battery options here's a useful website to try

Current Rebates in your State